Why 24karat


Brands face these challenges in digital marketing

  • More difficult to extract data from customers

  • Expensive and complicated to perform data analysis

  • Expensive to create digital marketing contents

  • No direct channel for customer feedback Not enough resource to manage customer relationships

  • Current CRM software are expensive to maintain and almost impossible to modify to new needs

  • Small brands lack the reach of traditional, large incumbents

  • Interested in NFT based marketing, but in-house regulations prove to be bottlenecks for brand managers from publishing NFTs on regular Web3 networks.

While Customers are

  • Worried about how data will be used

  • Tired of lackluster experiences from brand loyalty programs

  • Not being recognized enough by the brands Finding it difficult to to communicate with the brands Looking for ways to share information with fellow customers

And Creators are

  • Trying to make a name for themselves

  • Looking for more ways to monetize their work

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