An engagement platform built for brands and their communities on the blockchain

A major shift is happening in the world of digital marketing. The traditional methods of brands extracting values from their customers single-sided has not only proven to be expensive and ineffective, customers are also leaving the brands due to lack of engagement and trust.

Modern brands have taken a co-value-creation approach in which the brands engage their customers closely inside brand communities. This Go-to-Community (GtC) approach not only drives direct customer engagement, but also allows for an innovative environment where customers can engage with other customers in the community, and proactively contribute content to the brand, resulting in positive sum orientation. Furthermore, engaged customers become loyal fans of the brand who will happily become brand evangelists and even volunteers for brand community management.

We believe while the world is moving towards the age of Web 3.0, the next generation of brand digital marketing should be an experience which is community driven, brands and fans co-create, and highly transparent.

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