Value proposition and solution

The 24karat engagement platform is a blockchain-based platform for the brands to easily start building their own brand communities and economies together with fans and creators. The platform is available as a web app (undergoing rebuild), a mobile app, and via API integrations.

The platform is built on top of the FLOW network. Its multi-role architecture allows 24karat to build the platform so no crypto knowledge is required for users to start using the platform.

By hopping aboard 24karat’s apps or integrating with the APIs, brands of any size now have a powerful way to experiment and evolve their engagement experiences together with the fans; concurrently creating a high gravity community and viable brand economy.

24karat imagines there will be 3 types of participants on the platform who all benefit from platform features:

For Brands

Brands are able to publish their own brand tokens and NFTs without the need for gas fees. The tokens can be airdropped to or redeemed by their fans via QR scans or systematically. A brand specific NFT creator allows the brands to customize the NFT experience in addition to regular NFT collectibles. The platform is still evolving but currently brands can design experiences such as coupons, collect to win (stamp-rally), tier-based memberships, and event tickets. Brand managers will be able to create customized communications based on NFTs their fans own for more personalized engagements.

Finally, transparent data on the blockchain gives all participants a good view of how engaged the community is.

For Customers

Customers will be recognized and rewarded for the value they are due for good deeds and contributions to the brand community. Owning different brand tokens on the same chain allows the experience of trading the tokens intra- and inter-community. Top fans are further rewarded by being on the brand token leaderboards. Create showrooms together with friends to show off owned NFT collections to SNS or various touchpoints.

For Creators

Creators can publish content as NFTs quickly and for free. These contents can be sold and generate royalties on all subsequent sales just like any other NFT marketplaces; these contents can also be purchased by brands who are looking for more content as brand NFTs.

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